Personal Training


When you need to get fit, it’s tough figuring out how to get started. You know you should spend about an hour a day moving your body and getting your heart rate up until you sweat, but what is the best workout routine? How many days a week should you work out? What kind of diet would help you achieve the best results? A Driving Force CrossFit personal trainer is able to get those questions answered.


Personal training is a great approach to physical fitness, especially when CrossFit is involved. You get the best of both worlds — an excellent workout designed to flex every muscle, and a coach who is invested in your development. Whether you want to gain strength or agility, CrossFit is the #1 training program designed to unleash your max potential. Taking elements from Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, calisthenics, and aerobic exercises, this program encompasses a number of highly varied and functional movements so your body is prepared for anything life throws at you. It is the top workout of choice among law enforcement officers, EMS, athletes, and firefighters.

With a personal trainer teaching you the CrossFit method, you learn the proper way to perform the various motions that are essential for pushing your muscles to work and grow. Lifting weights, jumping, squatting, pushups, situps, and climbing all require proper technique to be effective and prevent injury. Our enthusiastic coaches are all CrossFit certified, which means they put in countless hours of study to perfect the movements themselves and learned how to teach others to do the same. Your personal trainer at Driving Force is a huge asset to your progress.

One of the main benefits of training with one of our personal trainers is to help you set a pace for success.A common motivation for seeking one-on-one training sessions over a small group setting is when a person’s level of fitness is poor or has yet to be developed. Our encouraging coaches push you to complete workouts that are appropriate for your abilities. Don’t mistake this for being easy; our workouts are designed to be challenging, even exhausting. With a personal trainer you endure these workouts in a safe way at a constructive pace. By pinpointing your weaknesses from the very beginning, a personal CrossFit coach can help you turn them into strengths.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to try a week of CrossFit for free. Get a feel for our box, meet our coaches, and inquire about personal training. The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll see an all-new you!