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Hinshaw WU (No Measure)

Hinshaw Warm Up

Warming up – Hips and Lower body:

high-knee karaoke,

over the hurdle,

knee to chest,

figure four


Warming up – Torso and Upper body:

lunge with a torso twist,

toe touch,

high knees, (slowly Lean & slowly come across)

butt kicks,

straight leg,

sidestep and sidestep jumping jack.

Warming up – the upper body:

sitting arm swings

tanding arm swings.

Warming up – knees and ankles:

toes-out walk,

toes-in walk,

walk on heels,

walk on toes,

walk on outside of foot,

walk on inside of foot.



Metcon (No Measure)

30min “FLOW”

800m Easy Run/Jog

20 Light KBS

20 Mountain Climbers

500m Row/Ski

25′ Bear Crawl

25′ Crab Walk
FLOW- Zone 1 easy conversational pace. We want to break a sweat and pump blood through body. Today’s objective is to just move and feel good