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Catalyst Warm Up (No Measure)

500m Row

Wrist circles x 10

Elbow circles x 10

Arm circles x 10

Arm forward and backs x 10

Arm rotations x 10

Tricep stretch + side bend x 10

Torso rotation x 10

Bow and bend x 10

Hip circles x 10

Iron cross x 10

Scorpion x 10

Walking Lung w/ twist x 10

Spiderman Lunge x 10

Walking RDL + Leg Swings x 10

Kossack x 10

Heel to toe + drop lunge x 10

Ankle stretch + knee circles + squat slides x 10


Warm-up (No Measure)

Barbell Wu

5 BS 5 GM 5 ER 5 SP 5 FS 5 DL

Clean wu

5 clean pull

5 Tall clean

5 pc+ sc

build to weight

DB Box Step Up review/build up


Metcon (Time)

3 sets

16 alternating DB Box Step Overs 24″/20″(two db’s) (35/25s) Rx+ 50/35s

rest 1:00

7 Power Cleans 115/75 Rx+ 135/95

rest 1:00

7 Squat Cleans (same weight)

rest 1:00

:30 Row Sprint

Rest 3:00

30min cap
Make sure to fully take the listed rest btw movements. This is a sprint/rest anaerobic workout.

DB step overs are farmer carry style.

Cleans are as fast as possible.

Record cals on row sprint