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CJJ+CJ (5 sets @75-83% )

Squat Clean + 2 Jerks + Clean and Jerk
Drop and reset after 2nd jerk. Focus on strong clean pull and catch. You will need all the leg strength for jerks. Record heaviest set. No failures today do not max out. We want quality sets


Metcon (Time)

With partner alternate Rds

5 RDS each

250m Row Sprint (men sub 1:40/ Women sub 1:50)

50m sled sprint
Stim: sprinting hard on rower follwed immiatedly by a 50m sled sprint. Sled weght should be moderate. No stopping with sled

If without partner Rest 1:1 i.e round took you 2:00 then you rest 2:00

Sub: Ski erg for Row