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Warm-up (No Measure)


:30 on :30 off x 5 RDS

build intensity each rd

20 plate hops fast as possible

rest :20 x 2

3 sets

Dual KB hollow rock x 12 reps https://youtu.be/uRrSLwFY_ig

:20 Dual KB hollow hold

rest 1min

Barbell warm Up

5 GM 5 BS 5 ER 5 SP 5 FS 5 DL

Hang Power Clean

– 5 High hang muscle cleans

– 5 High hang power cleans

focus on hinging to start each rep. Shoulders over the bar

build to weight

wod prep

20 d.u

3 hpc

3 t2b


Metcon (Time)


100 D.U

40/30 Cal Row

30 Hang Power Cleans 115/80 Rx+ Axle Bar

20 T2B

100 D.U

20 T2B

30 Front Squats 115/80 Rx+ Axle Bar

40/30 Cal Row

100 D.U

22min Cap
Stim: Longer chipper 20min range. Jump Rope should be under 2min. Scale back number if needed. Power Cleans/FS should be light and able to hit sets of 10. Be smart on grip and find pace on row that allows you to get off and get work done.

Subs: 150 singles for du. Kipping Knees to chest for t2b. 30/25 Cal bike/ski for row