Driving Force CrossFit – CrossFit

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Warm-up (No Measure)

3 x

2:00 Row

10 inch worms

12 single arm ring rows (6 ea. arm)

1:00 pigeon pose

1:00 wrist stretch

Movement Focus

Rowing Technique Tips

-Don’t Grip Too Hard

-Drive With Your Legs

-Imagine You’re Doing a Clean

-Legs, Hips, Arms, Arms, Hips, Legs

-Drive Straight Back

-Don’t Let Your Butt Go Solo

Don’t Pull With Your Arms

-Keep Your Elbows Relaxed

-Don’t Shrug Your Shoulders Up

-Pull the Handle to the Bottom of Your Ribs

-Sit Up Tall at All Times

-Don’t Re-Bend Your Knees Too Soon

-Don’t Slam the Seat Into Your Heels

-Focus on Consistent Steady Movement

Wod Prep

3 Rope Knees to elbow

5 cal row

5 push ups


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)


2:00/1:00 off

2 Rope Climbs Rx+ 2/1 Legless R.C

16/14 Cal Row

Max Distance Bear-crawl Rx+ HS Walk
Score- only counting distance Every 5ft = 1 rep

Scaling/Subs- 2 rope walkbacks + 1 leglock = 1 RC or 8 single arm ring rows = 1 RC

sub 14/12 cal bike/ski