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Warm-up (No Measure)

Friday Game:

Medball over under game

3 x

10 RDL with DB

8 DB Press ea. side

25′ OH Carry R Arm

25′ OH Carry L Arm

Movement Focus:

DB Push Press https://youtu.be/MqvN10OF5fo

– DB Postion on shoulders

– Small straight dip-

– Drive with legs

– Relax Arms

– Let legs do the work

– Full lock out

– Braced core

Wod Prep:

5 DB Power Cleans (only one head of db needs to touch floor) https://youtu.be/vh0Tj7G4k0c5 Cals on skier/rower (smooth strokes)

5 DB Push Press


Metcon (Time)


DB Power Cleans (50’s/35’s)(two db’s)

Ski Cals

Rest 5min


DB Push Press (50’s/35’s)(two db’s)


Rx+ GHD Sit Up

25min Cap
Scaling/Subs- Choose Db weights that allows you complete each set in 2-3 sets.

Sub Rower for Ski